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Aerial Yoga Swing Set

Aerial Yoga Swing Set

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Introducing Aerial yoga swing set by Zeal’N Life, a versatile and empowering tool for yoga and fitness enthusiasts alike. This all-inclusive equipment is meant to elevate your aerial yoga practice, providing a full solution for both beginners and experienced practitioners.

The Aerial yoga swing set includes everything you need to get started with aerial yoga. For easy storage and outdoor transit, it includes:

  • One main hammock with six handles
  • Two extension belts
  • Four carabiners 
  • Two mounting bases
  • Portable storage bag

 This package includes everything you need to set up your aerial yoga practice indoors or outdoors, utilizing a door mount bar, exposed beam, tree limb, ceiling mount, or any other acceptable anchor point. Installation instructions are supplied in both a detailed video format and a manual included in the package for enhanced convenience.

 Our aerial yoga swing, made of premium grade 210T nylon parachute fabric, provides a comfortable stretch that's ideal for yoga inversion trapeze. String stitching improves safety and longevity, allowing you to confidently support weights of up to 660 lbs. You can put your trust in the quality and durability of this aerial yoga equipment.

Setting up your aerial yoga swing is simple and takes about five minutes. It's simple to hang in a doorframe, over an exposed beam, on a patio, or even in a garage. Investigate several anchoring possibilities, such as a tree limb or gym equipment such as a chin-up bar. This adaptability enables you to practice aerial yoga at home without difficulty.

The Aerial yoga swing set provides stress alleviation and mental health advantages in addition to physical exercise. The psychological impacts of aerial yoga can improve your mood, stabilize your mind, and work as a natural stress reliever. You can improve your physical and emotional health by implementing this practice into your daily routine.

This high-quality yoga swing is the ideal workout companion. In the comfort of your own home, you may get a deeper core workout, increase traction on your spine, improve upper body strength, and relieve back and neck pain. Aerial yoga equipment, such as this swing set, allows the entire family to engage in limitless stretches and strengthening exercises.

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