Invisible dog fence with waterproof construction
Invisible Dog Fence with wireless boundary and double collar
Invisible Dog fence with LED display and easy remote control
Wireless Dog fence with collar transmitter and dog training tools

Invisible Wireless Dog Fence

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Effortless Installation in Minutes:

  • No more excavating or burying cables; create a safe play area for your pet in just 10 minutes.
  • The invisible dog fence uses radio signals to establish a border extending up to 800 feet, ensuring your dog's safety.

Cutting-Edge Convenience and Safety:

  • Easy installation, adjustable correction levels, portability, waterproof construction, and essential safety features.
  • Redefines pet confinement with a seamless blend of convenience and safety.

Customized Training Experience:

  • Collar with six customizable levels of static correction and a tone-only mode.
  • Adaptable to your dog's personality, providing gentle guidance and encouragement.

Prioritizing Pet Well-being:

  • Safe 3.7v voltage static correction that doesn't harm your dog's fur.
  • Two sets of conductive columns with black silicone coverings to reduce stimulation during electric shocks.
  • Overcorrection protection for your pet's comfort.

User-Friendly and Efficient Technology:

  • LED display with clear warning indicators for instant alerts on potential issues.
  • Prioritizes your pet's freedom and safety, embracing the future of pet ownership.

Unprecedented Freedom and Safety:

  • Say goodbye to old containment methods as your dog freely wanders and plays within set confines.
  • Discover how this wireless dog fence provides convenience and peace of mind, an essential addition to any pet owner's toolset.

Style: 1 collar + transmitter

1 collar + transmitter
2 collars + transmitter
3 collars + transmitter
Collar without transmitter
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