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Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks

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Our premium Aerial silks are the pinnacle of aerial yoga gear. These silks are manufactured from high-quality, durable nylon fabric and are ideal for aerial yoga, acrobatics, and a variety of other aerial workouts. Our aerial silks are built to survive the rigors of your fitness journey, with a weight capacity of 440lbs, making them suitable for people of all body types and fitness levels.

This comprehensive aerial silks package contains everything you'll need to start with. The set includes:

  • Two O-Slings
  • Two Carabiners 
  • Two Daisy Chains

All of which are built to last and ensure your safety throughout workouts.

This aerial silks home set is all about versatility. These silks are an excellent companion for aerial yoga, aerial dance, and aerial acrobatics. Whether you're a newbie taking your first steps or a seasoned aerialist pushing the limits, this package has something for everyone.

The provided hardware allows for a secure attachment to ceilings, beams, or aerial rigs, making installation of your Aerial Silks a snap. Furthermore, you may modify the length of the silks to your desired height, ensuring a personalized experience.

The aerial silks are made of superior nylon fabric and are designed for durability and strength, making them a long-lasting training partner. Our swing set has a well-padded seat, backrest, and handles to provide optimal comfort and support during aerial yoga activities.

Aside from aerial yoga, this swing set is also perfect for pilates, strength training, inversion treatment, and stretching. It meets the different needs of fitness enthusiasts. The portable and small design makes transporting and storing your Aerial Silks simple. When not in use, just fold it up and store it, assuring convenience and saving space. The easy-to-clean nylon fabric makes cleaning a snap. A moist towel wipe-down or periodic cleaning will keep your aerial silks clean and sanitary, ready for your next amazing workout.

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